Cloning drive resulted in more USED space in target ssd.

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by eriannmx, Oct 10, 2017.

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    I recently got a 1 TB mSATA and cloned my system SSD to it - in order to use the SSD just for games.

    The cloned drived says it has 240 Gb of used space, while the original drive states it uses only 224 Gb. That is 16 Gb difference for a "clone"!

    I already compared the base folders and they are the same size, but somehow the total ends in 16Gb more! How? Why?

    Note: I don't mean unallocated space resulting in a smaller drive. The target drive has all its space allocated and ready to use.

    Note 2: When cloning it did resulted in a non-bootable system, which was eventually fixed by using EasyBCD - reseted BCD config and created a new one in drive boot (instead of C:, couldn't tell the difference). System boots now from new mSATA, even when SSD is disconnected.

    Note 3: I also cloned an HD, resulted in same used space - not more, not less.
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    What software did you use? I sounds like a good software would expand to fit all the space. I know I used one software that did just that expand to use all the extra space. So you need to know what the software you use does and can't do first. What's with all the notes: knowing what software you used would help others identify how to fix it for you.

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