ClevoCenter EU reseller repairs experience (warning)

Discussion in 'Reseller Feedback Forum' started by Jan Boznar, Nov 13, 2017.

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    So, last year at about this time, specifically, on 14-10-2016, I bought a clevo p650rp6-g from the european clevo reseller, ClevoCenter. There was a bit of a wait until the laptop was ready, but apart from that, no problems.

    The laptop was running okay for about half a year, but then a problem with the gpu started occurring. Luckily for me, the laptop was still under warranty, so I contacted Paulo, their customer support person, through the live chat feature present on their website.

    We agreed I would send the laptop in for repairs, with all components inside, except the battery and charger. I didn't keep the box the laptop originally came in, so I boxed the laptop myself and Paulo set up the pickup through TNT and the laptop was shipped back to portugal on the 28th of July.

    After about a month and a half or so, I contacted Paulo again, for a possible ETA on the laptop. The answer was, they were expecting it in a week or so. Exact same thing 2 weeks after that, when I contacted them again, when nothing happened.

    2 weeks after that and another contact attempt, with a different response this time. Supposedly, the place they are sending their laptops for repairs was giving them trouble, with a few laptops stuck there, mine among them. Paulo explained they were done waiting for the laptop and were instead going to send me a new unit, with the newer generation cpu as an added bonus and that I could expect the laptop to be delivered in a week or so.

    I was happy to hear the news and awaited the laptop eagerly. A good 2 weeks after that, specifically, on the 17th of October, I receive an email, asking me for my shipping address, to which I respond with the same address they shipped the laptop to when I originally bought the laptop. Supposedly, they were having trouble with TNT asking for too large a price for shipment, even though there were no such problems when the laptop was bought or sent in for repairs... (I'm based in Slovenia by the way)

    I urgently needed a laptop at the end of October, so I contacted Paulo again a week after that, explaining this fact and asking if I can expect a laptop by then. Paulo answered with yes and that everything should be sorted in a few days. A week after that, I ask the same thing again, requesting a further explanation to the recent happenings. I never got any response to that. I tried contacting Paulo through the live chat feature multiple times and sent multiple mails, but still I heard nothing from them to this day.

    Now that is probably in part because they are supposedly relocating their facillities, but it says on their website that was supposed to be finished on the 4th this month. And even then, I dont think thats an excuse to completely shut off all communication with their customers.

    I understand that complications happen with things like these and that that can take time, so I'm being polite and patient through all of this. But being ignored like these past few weeks, with no explanation to what is going on with an already weird situation, signals that something might be going very badly with the firm in question.

    So Im writing this post, partly in the hopes of improving my situation by making it public, but mostly to warn you guys, think really hard about buying form ClevoCenter, until they clear up, just what exactly is going on with them right now.

    I will continue trying to contact them to get an explanation and will be updating this post with that information, when that happens.

    Until then I wish you guys all the best :)


    Update time!
    I received the laptop today, though it was not the new unit they promised, I was told none of them know where it is, their words: "in the nightmare called Retail store change + My problem".
    But the old one had its mainboard changed and for now, no problems it seems. Temps are lower than they've ever been before this whole ordeal though. heaven benchmark on max settings at 1080p averaging around 60fps at 70c.

    Supposedly the fault for all the delays lies with their suppliers, which they had serious talks with and this whole case was an exception, so take that as you want, if you're considering buying from them...

    Now I hope that's it for this whole story, props to Paulo for putting up with me through all this.

    Have a good one guys!
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    Damn, looks like a horror story with flowery ending!!!
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