Clevo P775DM3-G - noise/cooling advises

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by jorgehumberto, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Got myself a used Clevo P775DM3-G (see my signature for details) and I find it a bit noisy (I normally use it on top of a Zalman NC-3000 cooler).

    This might sound like a stupid question, but is there any place where I can find a compilation of cooling/silencing mods that would allow me to optimise the temperatures for this model?

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    As you have found out, Clevo models post first gen DM use 12v jet engines to cool. :D:eek:

    Your best bet is to:


    Delid the CPU (pretty much mandatory) with liquid metal
    If you can hunt down a Bitspower silver lining 6 series IHS, for your 7700k it has an extra .1 in height which really helps for a tight fit (4.3 vs 3.3)

    Check your heatsink CPU fit. If you won the heatsink lottery, go with gelid or kryonaut. If you lost, nanogrease

    If you manage to procure a Bitspower (or go shim) or have a good fit naturally you could potentially go liquid metal.

    At this point, it's time to find an undervolt sweet spot and dial in performance. Use throttlestop or XTU to fine tune and then set it in BIOS if your system supports it (I don't know what BIOS you're running) or if your BIOS doesn't support unvervolting set it with TS or XTU (in that order).



    Check all the thermal pads, but 1060's run pretty cool naturally considering you're using a heatsink rated up to a 1080

    Make sure your pairing is good (usually decent on the DM3)

    Apply new thermal compound. I consistently use gelid unless the pairing is suspect then I go nanogrease if I don't feel like going the paperclip mod


    Give 'em ye ole compressed air to clear them out.
    If the heatsinks are extra dirty, give them a bath in iso
    If the fans are filthy, use a Q-Tip and iso to clean them.

    Fan Control:

    Obsidian fan control is the truth. Their keyboard app is pretty nifty too.

    Fan Controls:

    Once you optimize the hardware side, you can set custom fan curves based on temp allowances if all thee above doesn't naturally ramp down the fans to your satisfaction.

    Don't forget the forums dedicated to the 775DM2/3!

    775DM3 forums:
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    Hi @electrosoft

    ahahha, hell yeah, I had a P170EM and I thought it was noisy. But this P775DM3-G? damn, I feel it's going to take off!! :D:D:D
    still one hell of a beast :D :D :D

    I think Clevo Center (the original reseller) delid them by default, but will check that with them. Still haven't bothered to monitor the temps for a while to test them, just felt the laptop loud..

    are the heatsink fits that differents? boooo! :( :(
    I'll check them out.
    I am not so confident with the liquid metal, never used it before, and a bit scared of frying something! :p

    Got a Prema Bios, with too many options which I have yet to analyse carefully, so should be fine :D :D :D

    paperclip mod? that really works? I've seen a couple of references, but it looks such an obvious design fail that I though it would be a myth...

    On that end I am confident all is good, the guy that sold it to me took good care of the laptop, the fans/heat sinks looked as new :D

    Those guys are pretty awesome, I had to replace the screen of the laptop (long story short, the screen got shattered in a million pieces by the post...) and the bottom plastic and their support was impeccable,excellent experience. Their software is a bit expensive though... but the reviews are great. I was particularly interested in their update tool, did not pay much attention to the fan control.

    Awesome! Thanks for the help, I'll take a lok at your suggestions and will get back to you in a couple of weeks ;)

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