Clevo P751DM-G Trackpad, Top Case + Keyboard repair issues

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by deanparkr, Jul 18, 2020.

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    I have an ageing Clevo P751DM-G aside from chassis wear on keyboard and trackpad it works great and I am happy with the performance of 980M for the moment so wanted to get the laptop repaired.

    My system builder sent me the following parts:

    Top Case - P751DM-G [6-39-P7502-016-N]
    Touchpad Synaptics - P751DM-G [6-49-P75D3-010]

    I then took the laptop to a local repair company but have the following issues.

    1) They said the touchpad ribbon cable already in my machine does not fit the new Synaptics touchpad. Even though the touchpad supplied part number is matching the Clevo service manual and is the same model number as the outgoing Synaptics touchpad.

    2) The 'Z' key on the new keyboard does not work. All other keys work but not the 'Z' key.

    The company who did the repair suggested that there should be a Clevo part number for a combined top cover and touchpad rather than separate touchpad and top case. I cannot see a Clevo part number for this and wondered if any one knows if this laptop has variations of top cover / touchpad? Is there likely to be different ribbon cable sizes for P751DM-G?

    For the keyboard issue - is there any troubleshooting I can do on the non working key? Keyboard is brand new, should I just send that back as DOA? Or could there be some installation issue.. but is that likely if only one key is defective?

    Appreciate any thoughts :)

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