Clevo P750ZM (Sager NP9752) Not Booting...

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by NestaRasta, Sep 28, 2017.

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    So these are excerpts from a couple of posts I made in the "**Official Clevo P75xZM "Batman" / Sager NP9752 Owner´s Lounge** Welcome to the Batcave!" thread but there are very few people posting in there anymore and I really could use some help with this...I accidentally broke some pins in my CPU socket and so I got a new socket installed and my computer still won't boot...Could a connection be loose or something need to be reseated?

    "...I just got my new socket installed and my computer isn't booting all the way. I guess it is better than before, in that, I am not getting a clear cpu/socket error when attempting to power up like I was before the new socket was installed. The power light is now a steady green and before it was flashing and beeping.

    Also, now it stays on quite a lot longer (over 30 seconds now vs a couple of seconds before) and seems (and sounds) like it is going to boot but the screen doesn't turn on at all and eventually, the computer just silently shuts down. I reseated the RAM and double checked and redid a lot of the mainboard, etc connections but none of it helped. One thing that is odd is when I plug in the power adapter, the computer starts right away without hitting the power button..."

    and from another post...

    " are definitely plugged in well and spinning. Also, I removed my CMOS battery for an extended period before I got my new socket installed so that could cause some issues, right?

    Another thing is that when the computer is powered off now-the green light in the front for the battery is lit (which if I remember correctly is normal when the battery is charged) but the AC power indicator is yellow which is definitely abnormal.

    Finally, booting from the battery only has the same exact results as when plugged in. I think that is about all the info I can think of at the moment..."

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    The yellow indicator should stay yellow until you hit the power button, then it should turn green.

    Honestly, it sounds like a faulty board. Who replaced the socket?

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