Clevo P650(resellers) vs Dell XPS - workstation/gaming future proof

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by ancientdrake, Jun 18, 2017.


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  1. Dell XPS 15 9560

  2. Eurocom MX5 R3

  3. Schenker COMPACT 15

  4. Schenker H507

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    Hi everyone who reads this, (and sorry for the long post, I made the same post in the Sager/Clevo section but thought I might get more lucky here as I'll be buying it in a day or two)

    I am currently in a situation where I am looking to update my system. Not really sure where my life will lead me so looking for a laptop to replace my desktop. My work consists of digital illustration/concept art and photo editing. I love to game, but work is more important for me right now. Nevertheless, I always appreciate having some good gaming sessions or trying out a new game to see what's going on in the industry(excuses) and being pretty 'future proof'.

    My current 'home spec' is an 7,5 year old self-built desktop (the chassis is probably the most basic one I could find back then, but I like simple)
    Newish PSU (old one went about a year ago)
    i5-750 (with a new monstrous heatsink/fan)
    16GB Ram (updated 1 year ago)
    EVGA GTX 960 SC MiniITX 2GB (Previous was a Gainward GTX260 that lasted about 5/6 or so years before it gave its last breath, but very reliable until then)
    Gigabyte motherboard P55-UD3 and 2x 500GB WD Blue
    All this keeps nice and cool, even in long gaming sessions. Could not be more happy, it was super reliable for the first 5 years (at least 12 hours on/day) for a fraction of the cost from official retailers.

    Because I am not currently where my desktop is, I am using my brothers' 5 year old potato ASUS X550C (it still works though!) but it does not make me very happy. Now I am on the look out for a new machine. I spent good 2-3 weeks now browsing, researching etc.etc. for a suitable alternative, it almost overtook my time. Now money always matters, but as it is a desktop replacement I am willing to dish out a bit more. I take it as an investment into my business and a future proof (looking at at least 3+ years). I am super weary of laptops though. My officially first laptop was a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi1546, in terms of performance it was great, a heavy beast (oh those sweaty runs to uni) but it ran everything I threw at it and I did throw a lot for long periods of time, days of WoW.... It did get hot... it sported a Radeon X1800 (the only Radeon I ever owned) and within 2 years it was twice in the service for a failed GPU (flickering screen, artifacts, rainbow lines etc.) and then it failed again, it was out of warranty this time around, although it did manage to 'run' if not overbearing the GPU too much. that's when I built my trusty desktop. Now here I am sweating over a laptop.

    I have came down to two choices: (prices are with delivery and VAT)
    Dell XPS 15 9560 ( refurbished with nearly full 3 year Dell onsite UK/EU warranty ) for 1479 GBP (At this point after saving up a bit more I could also add the new iPad Pro 12.9+pencil which would be great)
    There's a Thunderbolt 3 here, but 2 lane and finicky with an eGPU (which would at some point add another good 500+ GBP at least).

    Clevo P650, namely the Eurocom MX5 R3 (from its EU reseller) for 1949 (the person who I dealt with for the past 7 days has been great and tried his best to comply with all my needs/expectations etc.)
    4k Sharp IGZO - glossy (matte is sadly not available anymore)
    i7 - 7700HQ
    16GB DDR4 - 2400 Kingston HyperX
    GTX 1070
    1tb Hitachi Travelstar 7200rpm (I will most probably add an SSD at some point, but will buy that separately somewhere else)
    Intel Wireless 7265 (I opted for this instead of the 8265 as it was cheaper and supposedly very reliable as well)

    or the Schenker COMPACT 15 (or its older version the H507) - about 2194 GBP / about 1960 GBP
    4k Sharp IGZO - matte
    i7 - 7820K / i7 - 6820
    GTX 1070 (GTX 1060 would make it much cheaper, but then if I want to future proof it, so I'd rather go for the 1070, otherwise I might as well go with the Dell)
    16GB HyperX 2400 / 16GB HyperX 2133
    No HDD (cheaper to just buy your own and install later)
    Intel Wireless 8265 / Intel Wireless 8260

    Now, I quite dislike the gloss to say the least, I remembered recently my old Fujitsu had a gloss screen and it was a headache sometimes, probably more than it wasn't. So I would most likely put an anti-glare/screen protector on it, I know it's a massive pain, but def worth it in the long run. Anyone have any suggestions for one that is effective and doesn't hamper the colors too much? I am aware it won't be as good as a factory matte, but it's the next closest thing.

    Then there's the heat. The more heat, the less lifetime it'll have. When I game I rather like to do longer sessions than a few shorter ones. More immersive. On the p650 I've seen the temps are around 70-80+ degrees. Some reported even more, 90+, but I feel that might be bad thermal compound application or some other fault. The Dell was around 75 degrees I think. If I was to game, I'd probably try and put a suitable cooling pad under and try and attach one of those vacuum fans, probably to the CPU as it is on the side? Still not sure which brand, but again, I don't need anything fancy, flashing lights and all, just something that's effective and pref. portable. For the vacuum fans I checked the Takit S01 or the Opolar LC06. That should help I think, not 100% sure by how much though.

    I have a Dell U2412m as an external monitor that I'd be using whenever not on the go. Older now and not as color accurate, but it's a treat to work in 16:10 and the size is adequate.

    Now I am not 100% sure what I am asking here, I guess your suggestions/views/comments, whatever you have to chip into make my choice.

    Thank you very much in advance to whoever replies and takes the time to read this!
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