Clevo P150EM

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    Trying to see how much people think is a respectable price for this system. I don't want to part out as to make it easier for me. Hoping to sell to someone that just wants a simple laptop, willing to replace the GPU themselves, or for parts for themselves. I don't expect it to be worth much at all.

    Clevo P150EM (Sager model, Prima BIOS)
    -95% NTSC Gamut 15.6" 1920x1080 Matte Screen
    -Motherboard was replaced roughly 4-5 years ago
    -Corsair Vengeance DDR3L CL9 1600MHz 2x8GB kit
    -battery has roughly 12% wear, was replaced 2 years ago, AC adapter was replaced 2 years ago (180W)
    -Bluray Reader
    -Intel AC 7260
    -840 EVO mSATA, 250GB about 3TB life written
    -840 EVO SATA 500GB about 45TB life written
    -GTX 680M (Dell 2GB) replaced the original card about 2-3 years ago. No issues in Linux Mint with the card. Have to keep it disabled in Device Manager in Windows.
    -No OS keys included (will secure erase both SSDs)
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