Clevo p150em Upgrade from gtx 670m to 980m

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Lenton, Jul 18, 2020.

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    Im currently on gtx 670m and I would be ok with that if it wasn't dead.
    So now im trying to get something slightly better and I figure out gtx 980m would be good to go.
    But there is many compatibility issues that im not sure of.

    Just to remind I want to put this GTX into Clevo p150em aka Sager NP9150.
    So these are my questions:

    1. Bios
    My Bios is 1.02.17 and 1.02.11BL - KBC/EC, it's default locked bios.
    Do I need Prema Bios to get it work ?

    2. Windows
    On several auctions on eBAY and Ali people saying in description that i need Windows 10 in UEFI mode to run it. Do i really need to install w10 to get this card to work properly ? I really like my w7 and i would like to stick with it.

    3. Heatsink / Cooler
    Will my standard GPU heatsink from 670m would be fit for that gtx 980m ?
    Or maybe I need to buy another one or modify my gpu cooler ?

    4. Manufacturer of GPU
    Is it ok to buy any 980m ? Or maybe should I look for something specific from MSI or specially for Clevo/sager ? Should i avoid some cards ?

    5. vBIOS
    It should run on default vBIOS right ?

    6. X-Bracket
    Will 670m Bracket would be match for 980m or i need to buy new one ?
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    1. No but you will need to run installs with driver signing disabled.
    2. UEFI mode is needed, you can do windows 7 in a pinch but there are stripped down versions of 10 if you care about that sort of thing.
    3. You'll need to compare the cards and heatsink for your heatsink (there are different versions)
    4. Sager 980M is generally better.
    5. Depends on the card.
    6. Depends on the card.

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