Clevo NH77HPQ vs TongFang GM7MG0R construction quality.

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by ng80092a, Jul 10, 2021.

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    Hi guys,

    After reading all the information I'm still in doubt what to get between these 2.

    I have a 6 year old clevo and it did his job superbly I must say, as it gave me almost 0 problems and I could count on him working well almost all the time.

    I have to replace him at the moment and I'm inclined to get a TongFang this time, but I read on some forums that this brand has quality issues, and I'd rather have something solid, that I can rely on day to day with minimal maintenance.

    Of those two, what would you pick and why?

    And why doesn't clevo provide 230 watts laptops, and only rtx 3060 with 80 watts?
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    I don't know about the 230W options but, to make a guess it's probably a supply issue / redesign issue with how they're setup for older GPU's at the moment.

    A Clevo / Sager / TongFang / etc. go under many different names as they get marketed by different suppliers. They're basically the same device under different names. If there's a QC issue with one supplier it may be due to different options being selected than the standard configuration shipped to them causing the issues. Whenever a reseller opens the chassis to make a mod it introduces potential issues due to the particular tech working on it. Sometimes you'll run into a tech that just doesn't know better when making the changes causing an issue as I doubt they go through the system with a fine toothed comb post upgrade to make sure everything is 100% after. Resellers tend to turn and burn through these processes to get the items out the door rather than causing people to wait on them to be shipped / delivered. Similarly an in house IT dept imaging laptops for staff spend minimal time with each device before deployment since they buy them in quantities and don't rigorously test them. When an issue or two pops up with a batch then it's usually an RMA to the vendor for replacement to swap them out.

    I've had my Clevo / Sager now for a couple of years and the only issues I've really had is a random power issue where it spontaneously reboots under certain conditions which I've traced down to more of a driver issue causing the kernel to flip out when Intel releases corrupt video drivers. I thought it was the power supply at first when I switched to a different one but, after testing with the old one and having the same issue i swapped the intel driver for an older version and it stopped doing it. Another issue was with flash based pages opened it would lock up the screen on resume if there was a flash based tab opened when it dimmed to black. Both are more quirks of the OS than the system itself. I switched versions of the OS to rule out a potential issue with a particular build as well. There was a point where the reboots were so frequent they would happen several times per day which caused a bit of anxiety of something HW failing. Now that things have calmed down a bit the system has uptime over 2 weeks between periodic reboots I do after a series of updates.

    So, i guess the moral of the story is whether it's a HW issue from a reseller or a software bug within the OS / Drivers the HW holds up pretty well as expected provided there aren't bugs. The HW side of it if there's an issue usually happens within the return window for replacement.

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