Clevo NH58AF1 barebone?

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What makes the most sense in selling this NH58AF1?

  1. Sell the barebone only (include 8gb dimm and wireless AX)

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  2. Sell as a barebone (+wireless AX) with the 64gb 3200 memory

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  3. Buy a cheaper CPU (3600?) and sell as a full system

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    I'm considering selling my NH58AF1 as a barebone. This is the 15" Ryzen desktop replacement Clevo from last year with the RTX 2070. It's in excellent condition but I'm not travelling for work anymore and the 3950x I bought for this would make more sense in a desktop system now. I'll be taking the SSDs for the desktop as well which would leave the barebone + wireless AX card (I had to buy this separate) + 64gb 3200 sodimms.

    Any idea what this barebone NH58AF1 might be worth, either with the memory included or without? I think I may have paid $1200 for the barebone alone last April for reference.

    Would I have a better return from this if I buy a lower end CPU and sell it as a complete system? I'm reluctant to spend more money on parts just to resell them, but if it means the laptop is worth substantially more then I may go that route.

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