Clevo Guide v3.0 - FAQ and Reseller Info ****READ BEFORE POSTING****

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Mr_Mysterious, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Considering that you're a Eurocom reseller you need to contact the moderators and get setup with a reseller account, in order to abide by the forum rules ;-)

    Just to help explain this further and so that you don't get into trouble, you can't just determine the value based on time and effort. The value which you declare for customs has to be the value that the customer paid you for the product, including the shipping cost that you charge. There's no harm in running the business from your personal address, but if you offer to ship from there as a "gift" and with "lower declared value" then the only reason to do this is to avoid paying import tax. Both parties break the law in these circumstances, it's not just the customer, it's the seller as well. Plus it's not fair on companies in the local area which do charge proper VAT / sales tax.

    For example, when you need to import back into a country for warranty/RMA then yes there are ways to make sure no one pays sales tax twice, your courier will advise on the best way to do this. Once you reach a certian point you actually have to pay the sales tax on an import and then claim this back in your VAT quarter.

    Actually when you compare the ex VAT price from UK companies with that of the 0% sales tax of companies in Canada the pricing is really not that much different - that's without taking into account things like ease and speed of shipping, warranty servicing and so on!

    If you want any more advice on any of these points, to make sure that no one has any problems, then please feel free to pm me.

    P.S. We have an office in the UK, but thanks for the offer ;-)
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    I'm not one of thier vendors, I do not get an official vendor price, I do not have a storefront or a website, it's just a small hobby I offer to help people in need.

    When I do on occasion sell something, directly from me, and not just helping someone buy from someone else or such, I make a pittance.

    However, being decently well off, there was a time I was screwed over 3-4 times in a row by people online, and it pissed me off, so I decided screw this, I will under cut them offering the same thing, until they disappear so no one was bothered by them again.

    I made no money, but came out at cost, after a year of doing this. ebay for instance went from having 20+ sketchy sellers selling used and broken parts as new and crap to having pretty much only the serious people who meant well, maybe 4-5 people now selling.

    I'm sure this BGA craze and compatibility issues and how NVidia is not helping OEM sellers produce MXM standard cards anymore, is gonna take care of the rest now too.

    I would love to be an official reseller, don't know what's involved, I'm just alone, no partners or anything, so it could be more trouble then it's worth. I do have an impeccable record though with Eurocom.

    used to sell and help people buy from HIDevolution, but then they started to ignore me and like forgot who I was after a year, so natural evolution I suppose. Eurocom knew this, and was nice enough to help me out, but they asked that I stick to them only, and they would take care of me.

    Maybe someone should convince them to hire me, that would work better for people, haha.

    I'm like a lot of people on this forum, I buy whats new if it's fancy and interests me every time something new and fancy comes out, and I want to get the most out of it, and since I have no other real hobby, I like to share my thoughts with others and help them do the same.
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    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any advice or recomondations for me. I have a friend looking to get a new laptop for school and possibly getting into some light gaming so I want to get him something with a video card in it. Originally looked at the new Dell 7000 series but I saw the Sager np5855 is about the same price a lot of places right now and I feel it is much better quality than a Dell computer.

    I was hoping anyone else might have any advice or insight as to the best location to purchase one from. So far XoticPC looks like the cheapest at 729 currently with no operating system which I can find or provide for cheaper than going up to 799 from Sager or other vendors. Would any other vendors potentially have this cheaper right now? My friend also used to be in the army and can potentially get military discounts. XoticPC does not offer one on this specifc laptop but curious if any other vendors may offer a discount that could bring it down below this one.

    My buddies budget is 700, I know he can probably push 729 if he had to but then still needs an OS. Hoping I might be able to find something all included for 700 otherwise it looks like Xotic might be our best bet and then get an operating system after.

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