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    Not directly related to Clevo,
    But I can't believe this $2.25 Billion revenue from XBOX sales, this for sure is effecting all laptops brands, including Clevo. This is only XBOX, what about SONY PS and other gaming consoles.

    Xbox Live reaches 59 million active users per month in the FY18 Q3
    April 27, 2018 Technology

    Today, Microsoft has released its quarterly results ending March 31, 2018. The report shows revenue of $ 26.8 billion and net income of $ 7.4 billion in the last three months. Net profit is the profit after the costs of goods sold, expenses and taxes are deducted.

    Apart from that, it looks like the company's gaming division has had some strong months. Gaming revenue increased 18 percent to $ 2.25 billion, mainly driven by revenue growth in software and services. The 24 percent increase in software and services is mainly attributable to third-party gaming sales.

    A few years ago, Microsoft stopped reporting sales for Xbox One and instead measured success through engagement. In the last three months, Xbox Live monthly active users increased 1

    3 percent to 59 million compared to the same quarter last year. This is surprising as the quarter before was the lucrative Christmas period, which usually means more console buying and using.

    It's great to see that the Xbox is doing so well and hits 59 million monthly active users even after the holiday season. The continued success of games such as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and Sea of Thieves should have helped. Hopefully, this means that Phil Spencer, the executive vice president of gaming, can invest more in first-class first-party experiences modeled after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and God of War for the platform.

    In its earnings release, Microsoft stressed that much of its quarterly spending was due to investment in games. Hopefully that means that the company is developing numerous first-party titles.
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    Flimsy is not a word I would use on the P870DM series.
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