Cleaning HP pavilion G6 fan without removing the heatsink??

Discussion in 'HP' started by seanbenn, Dec 3, 2017.

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    My laptop model is HP pavilion g6 1318ax with amd a4 3305m apu with radeon 6480g and a dedicated 7450m radeon GPU.
    I have been using my laptop for more than four years and it has never gone for a cleaning service.But lately I have been experiencing problems with the fan and the CPU temps going up.So planning to do a complete cleaning of the fan myself.But I don't want to remove the heatsink and reapply thermal paste.Looked at many videos of HP G6 fan cleaning on youtube and all of them point towards removing both fan and heatsink.But I want to just clean the inside of fan alone first and give it a try first to see whether the fan issues are resolved or not!
    So is there any way that I can remove and clean the fan alone without removing the heatsink?
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