Clean windows 7 pro 64 bits install on blank HDD in a x220t

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by Chameau, Mar 20, 2016.

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    I was trying to quote bits of your reply and ask a follow up question, but I could not get it to work for me and I could not find a 'help' section on the forum home page, so I just copy/paste section with the HTML quote command - Hope it looks alright.

    By coincidence I did use 'Rufus' to do make my Flash Drive, but I used the default options and my drive is formatted as NTFS and I don't know if it is GPT or MBR, so I'm going to have to redo that!

    So if I insert an USB with a linux live distro do I have to go in the BIOS and change the BIOS/UEFI order? or would you expect the Linux distro to skip UEFI and boot with BIOS?

    I try to open the .exe file using WinZip, but I did not recognized the file type (so it is not a self-extracting Zip). I'm a bit wary of just 'Running' the exe file on my desktop (Win XP) as I do not want to install the drivers on my desktop (would probably stuff it up!) Are you sure it's safe to do so?
    Also from your reply I'm not sure if you understood my question regarding where to put the extracted drivers - What I was asking is can I add them to the same USB as windows is on (in a sub-folder: drivers) or do I copy them onto an other USB that I will have to plug in an other USB port on the laptop? is this even possible - will the installer 'look at 2 USB at the same time?

    Sorry if my questions sound a bit stupid or obvious, but I want to be sure and don't stuff up

    Thanks for all your help

    One last thing I forgot to ask - I like to install Windows 7 Pro 64 bits without the 'System Reserved Partition' ( I know the partition contains 'BitLocker' and the boot files) the reason been that:
    a) I don't intend on using 'BitLocker'
    b) I will install Linux Mint as dual boot and want to make it as easy as possible for 'Grub2'
    c) After a while (when I'm sure Windows is fully patched, up-to-date, working correctly, and all the settings are just the way I want them) I will copy Windows into a VM within Linux and then delete the Windows 7 install from the HDD. I will then end up with a single boot Linux with Windows 7 withing a VM. I think that is one less step for Grub2 to correct after I delete Windows 7.

    I have read on other posts that easiest method to stop Windows creating the Hidden System Reserved Partition, is to per-partitioned and format the HDD as one partition with no un-allocated space (using a third party partitioning tool like Gparted), then Windows will not create a System Reserved Partition ( I think the boot files will be within the C: drive instead). After installing Windows, I will have to shrink the C: partition and create the partitions I will need for Linux and Data. Is this also your understanding? and am I loosing anything (other than BitLocker) by not having a System Reserved Partition?
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