Chrome OS - What a disappointment

Discussion in 'Chrome OS and Software' started by Spartan@HIDevolution, Mar 29, 2021.

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    I was kind of excited when I heard that there are Google based laptops that are cheap with very good battery life for cheap. I know they are low end laptops but they could be a good backup lapop to keep or for when you want to go out and about and don't want to carry your expensive laptop with you.

    I haven't really looked into them until recently when I saw a Lenovo ChromeBook 3 on sale for only $200 USD so I grabbed one.

    It has only 32GB of storage so I added a 512GB MicroSD Card and I was good to go.

    My work is all done through online apps when I acess through a web browser so I installed FireFox which is what I use for work so it has all my passwords/bookmarks saved but darn! It's not the full fledged desktop Firefox version it's the mobile version which is horrible. The bookmarks cannot always be shown like in the desktop version so every time I need to go to a bookmark, I have to open up the bookmarks menu, then navigate to the folder where that bookmark is. It is just not ideal for work and as you know on a mobile version you cannot have the extensions that you would normally install on the desktop version.

    There is no Microsoft Edge for Chrome OS/Android so that's another option gone. (at least not without going into developer mode which is a horrible idea don't try it, I ended up having my entire laptop wiped after a reboot).

    I don't wanna use Google Chrome as I have that setup as my personal browser with my bookmarks and what not. I guess I can sign in with a Google Account and start from scratch but again, the extensions are not there.

    All other apps are just the mobile versions so basically, a ChromeBook is nothig more than a huge Android tablet/phone with a keyboard. I just don't get the point of these devices really. Might as well buy a cheap Windows laptop and be done with it. I was hoping this would be a good alternative to not use Windows (no I will never touch Linux because it is not user friendly and requires an engineering degee in computers just to install a driver).

    Your thoughts?
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    I prefer using androidx86 mostly due to level of control but the downside is certain apps don't work. I haven't tested everything as I'm just using it for time, weather, traffic and alarm clock widgets. That all being said I'm using a thin client and not a laptop so it's probably not an apt comparison...
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    For a tech person who loves to tinker and customize their OS, moving to a chromebook is going to feel very restrictive. If you don't choose a chromebook with at least a 1080p IPS display and Core m or i3 it's going to be slow and lacking. The real joy in using a chromebook is going to be its fast startup, long battery life, easy updates that only require you to reboot, excellent security, and with full sync on - you can powerwash or sign into another chromebook (if it breaks or dies) and be right back to where you were at. There is still a lot of work to be done with android on ChromeOS. Most apps aren't setup to be used "full screen", and yes your just getting the "mobile" experience. I find If I can do it in the browser or PWA, I prefer it that way since I have access to cast anything or print from the browser. Also for a power user, get a chromebook that has linux support. you can download linux apps and one click install in a container that runs just like an app. Try linux firefox and see if that meets your needs.

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