Chrome OS 69 arrives with linux app support

Discussion in 'Chrome OS and Software' started by Primes, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Chrome OS Version 69 Arrives, Brings Linux Apps To The Stable Channel

    Some chromebooks will be getting Project Crostini support in the Stable channel.

    Even if your not one of the lucky ones, you will still get these new features in Chrome 69:
    • Files app UI refresh with new support for accessing Play files
    • Native support for Team Drives in Files app
    • Save Play app files directly to Files app via the share sheet
    • Dictation into any text field, a new feature in accessibility settings
    • Power state alerts for Kiosk apps
    • Global text-to-speech settings
    • Night Light
    • Fast Access to Emojis
    • OOBE visual improvements
    • Swipe to close apps in Overview
    • Tablet mode behavior unification
    • Video capture service
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