Choosing new laptop, seeking advice from experienced users!

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by iionas, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Hello gents and ladies,

    Bit of backround info, I travel alot in europe and I generally use a laptop for work and gaming.

    Ive been through a couple of laptops with some good and incidental experience.

    Ive had a Acer Helios 300 PH317-51 7700HQ/Gtx 1060 (LM added / thermal pads and optimised windows) - Great machine, Loved it but I decided to upgrade to a a Metabox Clevo Chasis Pa70hs-g (7700hq/gtx 1070 max P, dual channel 16gb ram, 3x ssds and thunderbolt) - GREAT MACHINE.

    However, the clevo was damaged in a power sugre, the board is dead and has a hole in it. So Im left with looking for something new.

    my eyes are on XMG Pro 17 - i have spoken to Tom about it, great guy and great advice however Im looking feed back from the community as you guys are better versed here for advice.

    My budget is about 1800 Euro MAX. I have my own ssds and Memory so thats not an issue.

    At the XMG im looking at a 9750h / 2070 model (considering a 2060 also as its quite expensive but has a weaker cooling solution).

    I have looked but cant find much about XMG / Clevo laptops in general.

    Who has had one (a clevo) and has had a good experience?

    What are your experiences with XMG?

    You guys suggest anything else for around this price?

    Thank you all for the help and comments in advance. I need to make a purchase before the weekend as Im holding up my businesa and cannot continue to work.
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