Changed the order and now back in line with my Vostro 1700 :(

Discussion in 'Dell' started by joco, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I asked for some more goodies because it toke so long, ordered 12 July so almost 2 months back now. And i could get it so i have an extra spare battery and a 120 W Kensington DC adapter for in the car or plane. I asked first for an extra AC adapter and he told me that he could give me an AC/DC adapter so that can be used any where. But in Europa there is no 120W AC/DC only 70W AC/DC so now i don't get a normal extra adapter..
    I guess that 70W is not enough when the beast is used and he must also fill up the battery...

    But with these new goodies, my order is changed and that is pretty much the same thing as cancel and reorder it, even if there is no production done with it at all you can just change the order without going to the back of the queue again :(

    one interesting note, i ordered the Vostro 1700 pretty early 2 days or something after they got on line, and because of that my order seem to be in a production queue that dell abandoned ?? Dell changed the way the Vostros are getting produced or something and because of that i was still in some old state.

    How many people in the Netherlands already have an Vostro 1700 or and Inspiron 1720?
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