CF-54 second storage options

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by razl, Mar 17, 2017.

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    It doesn't quite show up in the BIOS the way you might expect when you add another drive. Since the m.2 is the systems "On Board Drive" it's not quite as well highlighted as you might expect. Here's where you will find it:

    In the BIOS Information tab - in mine I still have the original 500gb HTSK drive (in the quick release bay) + the 500 GB EVO


    And in the Boot section, the Primary Boot Drive for me shows both the Quick Release Drive (that's the HGST) and the "On Board Drive" (that's the m.2 EVO)

    And lastly, in the Exit section, there's a Boot Override where you can pick to boot from a single device just this once (unlike the Primary Boot Drive above which is the permanent setting):


    That's it, I don't think you'll see it anywhere else. If you don't then my best answer is that you don't have it installed correctly and the system isn't seeing it or, maybe, you didn't get quite the right model and, again, the system isn't seeing it. You'll see above where it's critical that your unit be an SATA module and not a PCIe module (which I think can both come in the exact same package/form).

    Last point, see the thread or CF54 sticky faq about my adding a wifi card, there was an extra mounting screw for the other card slot next to the wifi (I think that's for a GOBI card) that I stole the screw from to screw down my m.2 card. So, just to be clear, I used the wifi screw to hold my wifi card in place, but the other card slot - next to the wifi -also had a hold-down screw that wasn't being used - I took that out and used it for my m.2 card.

    Hope that helps!
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