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    I decided to try out a Sierra MC7455 WWAN module.
    Please note that I am in the habit of trying out WWAN modules for fun and assume the risk of non-Panasonic approved cards not working. Don't blame me if you try one out and it doesn't work out for you and you throw your money out the window in the process. To my knowledge Panasonic hasn't released any Toughbook with the MC7455.

    That said, the MC7455 is interesting because it supports many GSM and LTE bands as well as LTE Advanced which would make it ideal for traveling if it works.

    So I took the chance and bought one on eBay. Right away there were problems. It would suddenly disappear from the OS as if the device were pulled out of the slot and disabled itself consistently after a few minutes. When it was visible, it was almost impossible to connect. Looks like I fixed those issues.

    1) Downloaded Linux QMI drivers:,-d-,36n2,-d-,55/ (requires sign up to download). The file is tar.bz2 but in fact it is gzip. (tar -xzvf filename.tar.bz2)
    Then I cd into the extracted Gobinet directory. Ran 'make' then as root 'make install' or 'sudo make install'. Reboot and done

    2) Added usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT section in /etc/default/grub, then as root update-grub or 'sudo update-grub' and reboot.

    Now I have a working MC7455 in a CF-31.

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