CF-30MK3 Bluetooth BIOS Update Utility

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    Below is the updated BIOS so that your Bluetooth will show up in your BIOS. It can be also downloaded here....
    Panasonic Toughbook Computer Support Downloads

    Download Details:
    Title : BIOS Setup Config (Bluetooth) Utility
    Model Number : CF-30K/L(mk3) Windows 7 Professional 32bit
    CF-30[K/L]xxxx[P/2]x (For Windows 7 Downgrade Models)
    Operating System: Windows 7 32bit

    Language : English(North America)
    Last Updated Date : 2010/01/22
    Version : V1.00L10 M00
    Microsoft Signed : No

    This file is self-expandable on any Toughbook model‚ but the drivers
    can only be installed (used) on the applicable model number.

    Installation Instructions

    Looking for the CF-19MK3 update, go here...

    This should fix this problem...
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