CF-19 Digitizer swap, MK1 to MK5, possible?

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by thewanderlustking, May 17, 2018.

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    Why would I even want to do this you ask?! Because, digital art and palm rejection.

    The multi-whatever-crap on my MK5 is never used. It would work much better stuffed into my MK1 I use for tuning my car. On the other hand, the MK1 simply is not powerful enough to run any worthwhile art programs.

    I wouldn't want to swap the whole lid/lcd, but ideally just the digitizer sections. For testing purposes though, I could easily just swap lids, hardware side and plugs permitting.

    The MK5 to MK1 swap isn't the big concern. If I lose that in windows operation, I am sure it will still work on Linux. The other way around hopefully won't be a big drivers issue, but I do need it to work in WIndows.

    The main question is, is this even a possible plug and play swap? I haven't had a screen off recently if ever on one of these. I don't know how the digitizer integrates if it is a simple USB internal port and a thin cable plugging into the LCD controller, or wherever...

    I am wanting to post up a thread specifically on the whole "Wacom Digitizers and Toughbooks" thing. But I need to gather a little more info first.

    When I built my MK1 initially, I saw the digitizer driver listed as "wacom" before I finished installing the Panny drivers. I am trying to cross referance, but does anyone know what other digitizer pens work on the MK1? From what other Toughbooks, and more importantly if any actual Wacom pen works???
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    Lenovo X61 pens work and I have used them and Samsung phone pens on Motion computing tablets, I have 2 on the way now.

    I would try Lenovo first as they are dirt cheap, the pen from the CF-C1 & C2 will also work. H1, H2,etc. 15265533654411518569795.jpg My Mk2 with the C1 pen
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