CEO Keynote On Tricking Players Into Mass Spending Highlights Deplorable Truth of Microtransactions

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    A recently rediscovered "Tricks for Monetizing Games" contradicts much of what is used as a defense for lootbox or "surprise mechanics", YoungYee and Jim Sterling pick apart the video and deliver some good insights. Note: You might want to watch and comment on the original video as soon as possible, as it might get pulled down due to the renewed attention:

    CEO Keynote On Tricking Players Into Mass Spending Highlights Deplorable Truth of Microtransactions

    Published on Jul 20, 2019
    Original Source video below...

    Original video:

    Let’s go whaling: Tricks for monetising mobile game players with free-to-play
    Published on Oct 3, 2016
    Speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Tribeflame CEO Torulf Jernström discusses the tricks of the F2P trade.

    Chika Hakozaki 1 minute ago
    "Thank you very much for giving the world the much needed evidence that this is predatory!"

    Shifurei Saikyou 14 minutes ago (edited)
    "Guyz like you break gaming, I'll be sure to avoid any game made by you and point to this everytime i see someone playing your games Game cost+50% profit should be enough recurrent spending is ~disgusting"

    anon nano 21 minutes ago
    "the applause at the end is the worst part"

    sanjosesharkrock 28 minutes ago
    "Wish they had links for the research and books he mentions"

    YongYea mentions another YT'er discovered the video - Jim Sterling, here's some comments from his viewers after he released his coverage on this video:

    Karakuss 2 weeks ago (edited)
    "Keep in mind guys that this tactics are not only used in gaming but with all social network and apps that monetize our attention. The situation is way worse than most of us realize."

    Giiizmo 2 weeks ago
    "Take note, people. You may not like what's being said - I certainly find it revolting myself-, but staring down into the maw of the beast is the only way to know how it wants to eat you."

    The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization (The Jimquisition)
    Jim Sterling
    Published on Jul 1, 2019
    Aggressive monetization tactics have undoubtedly lowered the quality for many so-called "AAA" games. The shameless number of microtransactions and loot boxes have made them grinding and shallow "services" instead of complete videogames.

    When we talk about the impact microtransactions and loot boxes have on players, however, we often argue in abstract terms. Not today. Today we look at the human cost of predatory monetization - the impact that exploitative business models have on their vulnerable targets.

    To really hammer it home, we'll have to meet Torulf Jernström, a mobile studio CEO whose tactics for hunting "whales" - the prime targets of microtransactions - sound scarily like instructions for selling drugs.

    From "Hook Habit Hobby" to the "IKEA Effect," you're about to learn just how low this industry's tricks get. This industry has truly sold its soul.

    Strap in, because this gets horrible. And if I'm to be remembered for any single Jimquisition, I'd like it to be this one.

    The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization (The Jimquisition)
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    These practices has been getting banned in certain parts of the EU and it's getting the attention of certain members of Congress. This stuff all started back with Elder Scrolls Oblivion "Horses Armor" and picked up steam with mobile devices such as when the iPhone and iPad became real popular. Then later, you would read stories about kids spending hundreds or thousands of dollars without their parents knowing about it.

    EA Sports uses this garbage for their Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) or Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). They make more money close to a billion in sales from this practice. Take Two who publishes the Grand Theft Auto series and the popular NBA 2K series has gone all in where you are basically buying a $60 F2P game because you need to spend money to progress because the developer has purposely designed the game in such a way that if you don't want to forever grind in the game because by the time you have leveled up the next NBA 2K game will be out, so you are basically forced to pay up or get annihilated in online matches. Esports where people are actually earning a living has also made the problem worse.

    And yet I can honestly say I have not spent a single penny on any of this filth. I have purchased DLC for certain games but even then it's rare that I do.
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