Centralised PC, streaming to laptop/thinclients possible?

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by SMGJohn, May 31, 2019.

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    It has come to a point where dealing with "gaming" laptops have become a monstrous time wasting, money sucking, soul killing, chaotic experience for me and frankly causing me nothing but depressive pain in daily life.

    My original idea 10 - 15 years ago was having only one desktop a big one, with powerful hardware and then you use thin-clients or laptops and connect that to desktop in one way or another either through umbilical cord connection, LAN or wireless networking.

    I have heard about software solutions that did not exist in the past until now such as.
    Monflo, Mirillis, Parsec, Steam Home Streaming, AMD Link, Spotlight and all the other ones.

    Does anyone have good experience regarding this setup?
    And would it work with older games and even remote controlling the desktop itself?
    Essentially the experience I want is the desktop experience in my tiny thinclient/laptop running through network.

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