Can you get malware/virus/keylogger from powerbank?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Drew01, Sep 8, 2019.

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    I bought one of these for my laptop a while back and use it as backup power for my laptop. I want to get another one of these and notice that on sites like ebay, people sell them either new, open box or used and the price is much less than on dell.

    Last time when i bought it off dell site, there was a sale. I should have bought 2 but i didn't.

    There is no risk of a dell powerbank like this infecting a laptop with malware/virus or keylogger right since you can only plug it into the laptop via power cord? There are however usb ports though if say you want to charge a phone or other things like that. But that is possible for someone to put malware/keylogger/virus on it?

    I heard that if you use a powerbank that has a usb-c cable like the one below, then all bets are off right as if someone sold a used or tampered powerbank like the one below, you can get your computer with virus/malware... is that correct?

    So would you recommend to not worry about these things, just pay more and get it new? I always buy electronics pretty much new. But i dont want to risk buying something that could possibly be tampered which is why i pretty much always buy from sites like amazon or dell when it comes to electronics. I assume for the first powerbank, if you only use it to connect to your laptop, then its 100% safe? But if you use the usb ports, well its not if someone who sold it or someone who had it before and sold it could do something with the usb ports? I read in an article you should never borrow a usb cable from others because its possible that person could be giving you a cable with malware etc.

    But would someone installing malware into something like this be tough or easy? Would the costs be worth it? How much money would it cost to tamper something like this and how long would it take for them to do that? For example, if its being sold to someone with very important things on their computer, well i could see someone like a hacker doing everything to put malware on it.
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