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    i have a few friends here and everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to tech not just the Alienware 18. I hope the moderators allow this post because I tried in the correct forum And nobody posts there. It’s like a dead zone.

    Anyway, Good news I took apart my Alienware 18 and fixed my keyboard myself. Works perfectly and even the lights work. So now I’m selling it. Anyway here is my issue. . Maybe some of you can relate. If i don’t buy the actual best (most expensive ) parts when having someone. Else build my computer it eats at me to no end. Desktops I love because I build it part by part.

    Anyway I just picked up a Alienware 15 r4 from bestbuy because my aunt had $600 in credit she just gave to me. So basically i got it for around $1200 bucks. It’s a Alienware 15r4 6 core I7- 8750H, gtx 1070 video card, (both supposed to have q-max tech but honestly couldn’t tell you what that means only that this thing runs insanely cool even during heavy benchmarking) It totally destroyed my Alienware 18 with the 4930mx running at 4.1ghz and the 780’s overclocked to around 989mhz. It came as expected only 16GB of ram which is fine for gaming but it’s teo sticks not one and 2400mhz not 2600mhz. But i can deal.

    The storage I’m completely lost on. It came with 1 1TB 2.5 inch drive which I switched out and put in my Samsung 512GB SSD PRO. There are only three other storage spots one has a 256GB m.2 the long skinny stick. One empty spot just like that one and then one tiny spot that I think is also a m.2 but it’s half the length and almost looked like a msata drive opening but the msata drive was way way too small .

    I know this is only for Alienware 18 talk. But like most of you I have both. And honestly nobody here has given me bad advice and I’ve become friends with most of you.

    So I need you to tell me the machine is fine that I have . The 6 core i7-8750H and the gtx 1070 is more then enough for gaming at 1080p. But my pc builder, obsession wants to return it. Sell my 18 for a grand (someone offered me a thousand for it, i said I’d get back to them because i think I’m attached lol) but use that grand to get the Alienware 15 but with the i9 6 core processor and possibly even a 1080 with it.

    Anyone think it’s worth it?
    Head to head gaming or benching you think the i9-8950HK with a 1070/1080
    Against a i7 8940H with a 1070 is enough of a difference to go through the trouble of returning it etc?

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