Can I remove that partition?

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    I bought Lenovo G510 laptop about 2 years ago.

    These are the partitions that I have on my computer (I haven't changed any anything):

    1000 MB - healthy, recovery partition

    260 MB - healthy, system EFI partition

    1000 MB - OEM partition

    424 GB - Windows parition (C:/) (I have also my files on this partition)

    25 GB - Lenovo parition (D:/) with folders "Drivers" and "Applications" on it.

    14 GB - recovery partition.

    Now, I want to install Ubuntu on my computer and I also want to have Windows.

    Now, I can't modify my C:/ partition because I have my files on it, which I don't want to loose. I can't also shrink that partition for some reason in Windows Disk Manager. Now, the best thing that I would like to do is to remove that D:/ parition (25 GB) or recovery partition (14 GB) and install Ubuntu on one of those partitions. So I followed this instruction to create recovery disk on my USB storage: to move this recovery parition to my USB and to be able to remove it after so that I can install ubuntu on this partition. And I did that, but at the end of creating recovery disk on my USB storage, I didn't have any option to remove recovery partition, I don't know why - apparently I can't do this for some reason.

    Now I have two questions:
    1. Can I remove D:/ parition with the Drivers folder on it or something bad will happen if I do that?

    2. Can I remove the recovery partition using Diskpart (because I can't do it using Windows standard partition manager, I don't have option for that for some reason) or something bad will happen?

    If I remember correctly at the beginning I had Windows 8, but I updated to Windows 10, if this information is needed for some reason.
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    Yes, you can remove the recovery partition using Diskpart. The steps are as follows:
    1. Type "Diskpart.exe" in the search box, right click Diskpart and choose "Run as administrator".
    2. Type "list disk"
    3. Type "select disk n", in which "n" should be replaced with the disk number listed before to specify the disk that contains the recovery partition.
    4. Type "list volume" to figure out which one is the recovery partition to be removed. when you want to see the partition type, type "list partition" instead.
    5. Type "select volume n", in which n is the number should be replaced with the volume number listed before.
    6. Type "delete volume".
    • If you are unfamiliar with Diskpart, you can turn to third party software such as AOMEI Partition Assistant to delete recovery partition.
    • It is highly recommended to copy your recovery partition to external devices such as USB or hard drive before deleting recovery partition.
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