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    In the past I had 2 laptops that did stop working and to put them back at work I had to do a clean install ( or something like that) . My C:drive had to be wipe out. When this did happen for a second times, I did conclude that saving files to My Pictures , My videos or My documents was dangerous because if anything go wrong, the C:drive has to be wipe out. So, I did start saving all my files on the D:drive so I wouldn't lose them. On those 2 laptops, the C:drive was like 25 % of the space available and the D:drive about 75%. Now, I just bought a used HP Pavillon 15 and...my D:drive is only 20 GB and 2 GB of this is for the Recovery file but my C:drive is 908 GB. How come the C:drive is so big and could it be shrink to move most of the space for the D: drive? That laptop use Windows 8.1. Is there a partition tool directly from it? Thanks!

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