Buying Dell XPS 9570 with no dGPU (Nvidia 1050Ti) for MIDI playback only?

Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by BPro1, Mar 26, 2019.

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    I want to get a Dell XPS 9570 with the i5-8300H and no Nvidia 1050Ti (using the Intel 630 only). I will use it for midi playback only using Cakewalk Sonar during live musical performances. I don't have any audio track playback in my tracks. I know the audio latency problem is affecting many 9570 users but considering I am not playing back any realtime audio with my midi tracks I was wondering if the latency problem would affect the midi playback.

    I also am aware of the fan issue with the newest Bios linking the fans directly to dGPU activity. I am trying to figure out how the 9570 would act without the Nvidia 1050Ti chip/driver installed. I am hoping that with the i5-8300H installed instead of the i7-8750H and no dGPU, that the 9570 might run cooler and with more normal fan activity. I really like the build quality and the other premium features of the 9570 and would greatly appreciate any input/observations about any of the items mentioned above. Thanks for your help.
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