BSOD bcmwl63a.sys error (Dell Wireless DW1550 802.11ac)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Samuel Tan, Oct 18, 2017.

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    If you encounter BSOD and the error is in bcmwl63a.sys, even after installing the latest Dell driver, then the Broadcom driver need to be force-updated to the Nov 2016 version.

    Force the update to the latest Broadcom drivers by going to the Device manager -> Network Adapters -> Dell Wireless 1550 802.11ac -> Driver -> Update Driver -> Search Automatically for updated driver software.
    After installation, the latest Broadcom driver for DW1550 will appear in the Device Manager with the date 22 Nov 2016, v7.35.352.0 signed by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.

    There will be no more BSODs. Currently Dell support sites still provide Dell DW1550 drivers v7.35.333.0 which contains Broadcam 2015 drivers. These drivers still cause BSOD with bcmwl63a.sys

    For DW1550 bluetooth, the drivers from Dell website are sufficient. No further updates were found through Microsoft.

    I have not found anyone in this forum who mentioned this. If you installed Windows 10 on your laptop after the latest Broadcom drivers were published, then the latest driver would have been installed automatically. But if you installed Windows 10 prior to Nov 2016 or did not opt to check for updates during installation or manually installed DW1550 yourself, then you will suffer the bsod using the older drivers.

    Please spread the message.
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