Brand New Battery - T400/T61/T60 4 Cell (Fitrs

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by hkseo100, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Hey guys I got a battery for Thinkpad T400.
    It's a 4 Cell battery that has 0 cycles.

    It's going to be around $34 shipped. (USPS Priority usually ships within same or next day)
    PayPal only please. I am verified, and have a confimred address.

    USPS Priority Mail.
    I sold an Asus G51-VX05, 2GB DDR3 RAM Stick, and purhcased a stick of ddr ram, here.

    I will be draining the battery to 40% and wil lbe storing it in the fridge with newspaper + insulation wrapped in a airtight bag until sold... thanks

    I thought I would need it... but I don't.

    PM Me please.

    Only trade that I am accepting right now is a digital camera, I'll add extra cash accordingly depending on the model.

    Thanks a lot!
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