Blu Rays are a PIA

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    I had a regular set top bd player about 10 years ago but only ever bought 2 bd's, Dark Knight and the Planet Earth series, fast forward to today and I sold all that stuff years ago and gave the bd's to my dad who has a bd player and a full entertainment setup, it's kind of a hobby of his. I just had a regular player that was a set top and it worked fine. Now I'm wanting one series, the Visions of Europe on bd since they're pretty cheap now and want max quality. I have the DVD's but they leave something to be desired at 480.

    So I got the bd set but didn't realize it was such a PIA to play them via laptop to output to a tv, on my laptop or my netbook on trips. VLC doesn't work and I've read that Win10 wants you to buy an app to play them. I tried Leawo but it needs to go online every time to get the keys to play them, what a pain. My set top player was never connected to the net and played the titles mentioned. Have things changed or is it just this set of bd's that needs that?

    Alternately I'm using makemkv and handbrake to rip and recode using a cheap bd external reader I got online, but man what a pain to just insert and play. I just want to have an mkv that I can play on several devices of my legally bought and owned BD's. Encoding at 720p for not too much disk space. BD seems to be its own worst enemy imo.

    update: started using the nvenc nvidia handbrake option and it's a larger file size then cpu only but takes half the time and I see no difference between the cpu only h264 and the cpu/gpu h264 file so I guess the tradeoff is file size. In one instance it was actually smaller with the gpu option, 3.3gb vs 2.07gb so for the time savings the nvidia nvenc is a go. It's an 18 hr series altogether so it's going to take up a lot of space, about 30mins each 1hr episode @1080i, these are so old they are only 1080i not 1080p.
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