Blast from the past - HP ENVY 15 (3040r)

Discussion in 'HP' started by la_boy, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I bought this computer new in 2012. I have upgraded the memory to 16 gigs. Swapped out the hd for a 1 gig ssd. Replaced the fan or actually BOTH fans as the assembly doesn't allow just one but both. The bearing had gone out on the smaller fan. Replaced the battery a couple of times. The thing just keeps on going...

    So I have a question. I am using a Dell external monitor which runs at the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 which I have used for about 3 years..

    I now want to larger monitor (eyes getting older) and I want a 4k since I am doing video and photo editing as the main activity of this computer.

    Question: Can the built in video card run this monitor? Will it run at any other resolution than the 1920 x 1080?

    I know that keeping an older computer going is tricky and some may wonder why bother but this was a great computer in 2012 and it still runs Photoshop and other programs wonderfully (I don't play games so that is not a consideration to me). I just don't see the need to get rid of it when it is still working.

    Anyone know about the resolution with these new monitors and if they build in video card(s) of this computer can run a 4k monitor and at higher resolutions?

    I can always buy the monitor and then return it if it will not work but I thought I would ask the vast brain trust and get an answer without doing that!

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    The owner's manual may state what it supports, as far as output. The circa-2013 Core i7 chip with integrated graphics in my Dell Latitude does 4K out, but my problem is that my 4K monitor only supports HDMI 1.4, which doesn't do 4K at 60Hz. It only does 4K at 30Hz, which makes things look like a slideshow. If your notebook has a DisplayPort connector, then you're in luck.

    Either way, 4K will be a resource hog.

    Something that might be worth trying - bring your laptop and an HDMI cable to a computer/TV store, ask them if you can plug it into a 4K TV on display and see what happens.


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