Black screen after replacement

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    I had dropped my laptop near the beginning of 2017 and it damaged the screen but other than a bunch of black holes from dead pixels it ran just fine. A few days ago i took it to get replaced with the ips matte screen linked below. After i got it back it would get to the boot logo then after that it would show nothing. The backlight would still be on and i'd hear windows startup sounds so i know its at the login screen but it shows nothing. It took around 10 minutes of restarting for it to work again, and the next morning when I open it up its the same problem again. While it does this the screen would turn off then come back on but its still black. The people that replaced the screen said my gpu could be dying(980M 8gb), but i don't see why that's the case because before i took it to them it was working perfectly fine. When its not showing any thing i'd plug it into a tv and still nothing. I've reinstalled the drivers but during the when the screen usually goes black it stayed black so i had to restart a couple of times for it to work again. Basically when it wants to work is pretty inconsistent and i'm at a loss here. The gpu also runs games just as it should when it does work.

    My laptop is a sager np9758
    Screen replacement:

    Update: now it won't show anything after the boot logo no matter how many times I restart. Backlight is still on.

    Update #2: after about 10 or 15 restarts it's working again. For now anyway.
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