bios update for hp omen 17t cb-0000 F35 ?

Discussion in 'HP' started by ashknani, Dec 29, 2020.

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    I think (it's been a week doing this) I found a simple trick to make Throttlestop win the battle with OGH over the control of the undervolt

    when OGH updates through the Microsoft store it turns on the UV feature, and overrides my custom UV in TS. That's when I found that some weird UV value was applied like -0.125 mv or 0 mv using "default" for both cpu and cache offsets

    If I disable the fast boot with powercfg -h off, and let the system boot a fresh start, the UV applied with TS will prevail. and the feature in OGH will remain off.

    I still check from time to time in OGH to see if it's OFF, and so far I'm quite sure it has updated (new layout in system vitals since last week and new version number)

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