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Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Phoenix, Aug 7, 2017.

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    So I need a Torrent client for downloading some educational stuff sometimes or other things (nothing illegal).

    As we all know, uTorrent is a virus and full of ads and PUPs. Deluge is one buggy written software. Vuze is now paid unless you want ads, qBittorrent was my best alternative but its speed sucks

    I then stumbled upon BiglyBT which is from 2 of the developers of Vuze but is free and has no ads

    Other than the fact that it has an awesome UI, it drew my attention to something I was never aware of.

    I used to set my upload speed ot 55 KB/S thinking that is enough to have fast downloads without capping them since I am uploading enough. I always wondered why my download speeds suck with qBittorrent but BiglyBT upon the first run, will run a configuration wizard which will test your internet speed and set your download/upload speed accordingly in order for you to not have capped download speeds. Turns out to be that I needed to set my upload speed to 303 KB/s on my 20 MBPS upload speed not 55 KB/s as I had always done

    My download speeds are now much faster and I love the interface


    I will now add it to the Phoenix Software Updates thread:
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    I always used Transmission on Linux and Windows. Very simple and does it job always, no nags nothing. Can you have a look at it?
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