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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by ImagioX1, Sep 6, 2018.

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    @Phoenix Yeah the GS65-259 is the one I meant. I typed the wrong model. What kind of discount is it that you mention from HIDevolution?

    I was wanting 4k since so many videos and photo are that resolution now but I have heard there's not much benefit to having it and it takes a massive hit on performance. I want to go somewhere and check out some quality laptop screens and see exactly how the 4k compares to the FHD.

    @Grant B Gibson Do they make any good laptop coolers that work? I've had 2 that didnt seem to do much. I doubt most of the time Ill be using it hard enough to make it throttle but still would be nice to have a good one for those times when it may be needed if there are some that actually work.

    @BrightSmith The reason I chose the "heavy gaming machines" is to somewhat future proof myself. I want something where 5 years from now it can still run pretty much any program I throw at without it becoming unreasonably slow. I bought my current laptop at the end of 2011. The specs were pretty good at the time, an I7 2620M, and 8 gigs of ram, but it has HD 3000 integrated graphics. Still plenty fast for browsing and all, but anything that requires the slightest amount of GPU power and it becomes the slowest computer ever. Can't play 4k videos, and forget gaming. Looking to move away from this, and just get a power house that I can do whatever I want on and don't have to worry about it lagging at all. And since I can afford it I might as well go for the best of the best LOL.
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    I have a 4K 17" screen (Lenovo P70) and like it. I can use a smaller font than I could on my previous (Dell M6500, 1920x1200 screen) because the higher resolution gives me more pixels. A font of the same dimensional size on an FHD screen would be 4.5x7.5 pixels (round to 5x8), which would be unreadable because of the insufficient pixels to render clean glyphs, but the 9x15 that I use is just as readable as the 6x10 I used on the WUXGA screen of the M6500.

    If you're editing 4K video you're going to have a hard time cleanly previewing it on a 2K screen, methinks. And you're likely going to be concerned with the screen gamut; no matter what the display refresh rate is, if the colors are washed out, you're going to find the editing process frustrating.

    Also, are you going to be editing footage much above 60 Hz?

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