Best Alienware laptop for video editing?

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by Lambda808, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Not necessarily a significant one, if they used the same heatsink to save cost. A quick look into service manuals should verify this, I'm relying on generally very accurate info from brother @Papusan that internals are the same.

    The Aero was indeed my second choice. The missing amplifier port should be noted though, as is the lack of onsite support (in fact the Internet seems to agree that Gigabyte support is pretty bad), not to mention the idiotic Gigabyte warranty void if open sticker.

    The G7 also lacks the AGA port, and also comes with worse screen and GPU options. Not sure if RAM isn't soldered in the G7 too (or could have been the XPS). The price difference between the G5 and the m15 seemed too small to justify the downgrade.

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