Becoming a Toughbook reseller?

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by User32, May 26, 2018.

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    Yes to make real money doing this, you will need to buy in bulk and crank out some volume. Selling a few here and there locally will not put much, if anything, back in your pocket. I have gotten away with doing this for years, but I don't sell Toughbooks directly, I sell them as a value-added feature to a whole package deal.

    For instance, if you look on eBay, you will find some automotive diagnostic packages that include a Toughbook and they are not going cheaply. Most of the Toughbooks I have sold over the years, have been a value-added part of larger packages.

    And nothing wrong with rattle can paint jobs, long as it is not "Special Ops Black" HAHA!
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    Early on I was able to make great money customizing Toughbooks. I can remember adding wifi to a CF-28 and then adding a DVD. Of course I took it entirely apart, cleaned it, replaced broken port covers, etc. I'd be in it about $700 or so and would throw it on eBay and they would routinely go for over $2k. I couldn't get parts and stuff fast enough. I STILL have 10-15 CF-28 daughter boards that I would affix my GPS to in order to connect to the system. lol

    Then the CF-29s came out and I shipped 3 huge boxes of CF-28 stuff to Ken in Fl. I worked on the CF-29s until the CF-30s came out. Ken again ended up with a bunch of CF-29 stuff. All the while I am making less and less as there is more competition. My CPA told me about tax changes and Paypal changes and I needed to make a decision to either do it full time and start an LLC or as a paying hobby... Which is the route I chose. These days I probably about break even as I just enjoy building them and working on them. Over the years I amassed hundreds of customers who still call or email me asking for a Toughbook. I usually go out of my way to make it happen for them. The big bonus for me is when I have the one they want in stock. Then it turns into fun money as I already paid for the parts a while back.

    I can remember ordering stuff from Bob Johnson... Keyboards especially as I recall. I also used to have a place in Texas making GPS antennas specifically for my Toughbooks. I used to order them in batches of 20. Then Teo discovered the Taoglass antennas! WOW... They were great!

    This forum attracted so much fun talent. We were (and still are) different from every other forum on this site. I was moderator here for a number of years until they noticed I wasn't logging on as much. A new job in lending required a lot of my time. They asked me who should be the new moderator and the logical choice was Blair. He has done an outstanding job! With that said... The moderators here aren't like on the other forums. I think I only ever banned two people in my entire time... Other mods do that every day! We don't have the snarky attitude (usually), no religious or political diatribes that plague other forums. We always stay on point. I digress...

    I have always been proud of my association with the members of this forum. I have met a few and talked to many on the phone. All good people! If any of you are ever in Fredericksburg, VA.... Come by for a drink or a meal and maybe wet a line in the river!
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    @Toughbook I can remember finding NBR many years ago. You went out of your way to help me add WiFi to my 28 and yes I still have it. To look at it now with the antenna sticking out the side of it brings back a lot of memories. Man have we come a long ways since them days :D .
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