Bad News for iPhone 13 Owners Who Break Their Screens

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    From the article:

    "As noted by iFixit, this gives Apple “the ability to approve or deny each individual repair.” Repair shops can theoretically join the company’s Independent Repair Program, but that effectively means giving up their customers’ privacy in the process. Another option would be to use a recently discovered workaround, but that’s a rather complicated process that involves transplanting the tiny microcontroller from the old, damaged screen onto the new one."
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    That independent repair program. Seemingly created & managed by Apple's very own Geheime Staatspolizei:

    ...must agree to unannounced audits and inspections by Apple, which are intended, at least in part, to search for and identify the use of "prohibited" repair parts, which Apple can impose fines for. If they leave the program, Apple reserves the right to continue inspecting repair shops for up to five years after a repair shop leaves the program. Apple also requires repair shops in the program to share information about their customers at Apple’s request, including names, phone numbers, and home addresses.

    Participating repair shops must allow Apple to audit their facilities “at any time,”
    Apple may continue conducting audits, which can involve interviewing the repair shop’s employees, for five years following termination of the contract.

    ...“I can’t believe anyone would sign this. This is crazy,” ...
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