Backlight problem after screen upgrade MSI GT72

Discussion in 'MSI' started by NGX83, Mar 29, 2019.

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    Hello !
    Here is the story :
    I have a MSI GT72 2QE, i already upgrade the old GTX 980M for a GTX 1070, with success.

    With this laptop, i have this screen : lg philips lp173wf4-spf1
    I saw a lot of thread on NBR, so, i decided to buy this screen : chimei N173HHE G32
    with this cable :
    I put the cable and the screen in place, and i started the computer, on the GTX 1070.
    I saw the MSI logo, and, nothing, just a black screen.
    I started on the Intel GPU, and the display worked great, 120hz, good color,
    but no backlight control ( it's just max out).
    After several try, i saw that with the GTX 1070, i have no backlight.
    To barely see the image on the display, i have to put a light in front of it...
    For resume, i have no backlight control with the intel card,
    and no backlight at all with the nvidia card.
    It's a display's malfunction or what ?

    I hope someone can help me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    @senso Might be able to help you on this one as he/she had the same problem. It might also mean that the EDID needs to be added to the bios not sure which if that is the case you'll need to contact svet on MSI forums.

    Also have you check the cable is fully seated in sometimes that can cause issues.

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