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    H folks--

    Recently got my Aero 15 Y9 with the Azure A.I. Gaming+ & A.I. Professional+ (immediate candidate for Awkward Marketing Hall of Fame--as someone else suggested they should just call it "GPU Throttler", lol).
    I've seen everything from this is worthless/does nothing, to "reduces my FPS x amount" or "increases my FPS x amount". So I wanted to test it myself under various scenarios. Fine. Did a couple of checks, ran some benchmarks, whatever. Cool. Closed/disabled the app cause I didn't want it running in the background.
    Next time I tried opening it it just went "Poof" and disappeared after showing the icon for a second. That's
    all it does now, unless I unplug the laptop--the it runs fine. This is okay except I normally run off a.c. at whatever location I travel to.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of different versions of the app but the same thing always happens--fine on battery, nil on a.c. I've tried different Windows power settings and turning NVidia Optimus on and off and so forth but the app steadfastly refuses to work plugged in.

    As I said, this may be a worthless app anyway but now I'm just more at a point that I'm curious what could be causing this behavior--it's usually something utterly unrelated to anything you would logically expect, lol.

    Anybody have any experience with Azure A.I. in general--has it helped/hurt? Has it gotten better over time?

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    Download IObit Uninstaller
    Install the programs again
    Power Uninstall the program via IObit
    It will prompt you to clear residual files after uninstalling. There will be an option to shred the files. Select that.

    It should clean out the software properly by removing stubborn files in the appdata section and clean the registry.

    Tell me if that works

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