Aw M17x R4 (1070 upgrade )

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by Salvaje, May 29, 2020.

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    SO here is my issue this is more of a project Picked up a AW Mx17 R4 good price at garage sale, have a 1070 mxm 3.0 b 8 gig, this has the 675m 3d and 120 screen it flickered bad took it apart edp cable was messed up I replace its working fine. SO this pc has 3940 a Hybrid WD 700 and look like a SSD Evo 1.2 tb 32 gig of mem and a Blu ray player. It has some good software in it Win 10 pro, Office 2016 pro, Project 2016 and cyberlink dvd 18 and Macrum. getting all the license keys. Ok so i figure I would just need to replace the card to 1070 has i have a modded 5 pipe sync that came with the card copper. I will be doing a clean install but want to do the INF Mod and save it to a flash, SO i wanted to do it on existing copy of the OS to verify everything. Being it was in Uefi boot on the A15 bios, legacy of so i wass like great took every thing apart put the 1070 card in tighten up boom 8 beeps (im the asshole now, ugh) no way to go to bios just 8 beeps. so i put back the 675m in no problem it boots up no issues while its booting up a see a raid 0 failiure but it still boot (wonderful).

    So after researching, It looks like someone did an update to Win 10 pro from 7 and it was not in gpt, but in mbr. I was going to convert but then pitfall number 2 arrived - this was in Raid 0 array but the HD were diffrent seem like a smaller drive was replaced, seem like the smaller drives in raid zero were cloned to a much larger SSD, (I see and old copy of Macrium) it boots but raid says failed WD boot failed, go to device manager Disk 0 not initilized (pop up do want this to be MBR or GPT), and I am showing SSD Disk 1 as the drive with the MBR but it also showing that it is part of a Raid (been awhile but raid 0 (Stripping with Parity 128 - if you delete array it deletes both drives or renders it inoperable where as raid 1 you can kill the raid and use each disk, or is it the same), so i need your output, should i initilaze disk 0 to gpt but if I do will it destroy the array thus meaning a clean instatll or does initalize disk 0 and hope it just make disk 0 and 1 one drive. OR is there an option to make Disk 1 to GPT temporaily to test - Plus I didnt want to deal with the software for the alienware RGB keyboard (Alien FX or command center cause it blows donkeys and in win 7 only and it being an upgrade WTF is the License key to win 10 (yes I know would be easier to clean install but wanted it to be a test bed) any ideas welcome, and why would you use raid on SSD i mean the performance is very minimal ecspecialy with mismatched drive if that. Any comments welcomed

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    The raid setting is often set up as default after CMOS battery being replaced on most bios versions, on R2, R4 and R5 I have to always switch to AHCI after any operation that involves the coin cell. Are you sure it was running in RAID 0 in the first place? My guess that it running in RAID 0 was just a fluke caused by the bios reset. May be wrong though, but I haven't seen two different drives with different sizes and architecture running iN parallel.

    As for the Windows key there are two ways to deal with it - one is that it may be hardcoded in the bios (mine wasn't on R4) or you can extract it from the system, Google it, the solution is pretty easy if memory serves.

    Macrium is good software, but only for backup and image restoration, for operations such as MBR to GPT conversion I recommend NIUBI - it's free and does many cool things, such as adjusting live partition sizes. Haven't done that though myself, but all over the web people recommend it for live system to be adjusted to UEFI boot.

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