Avast is ruining CCleaner -- malware, bundled software, popup ads... what's next?

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Will you continue use CCLEANER?

  1. YEES

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  2. NOPE

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  3. Don't know yet

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    CCleaner v5.78.8558

    v5.78.8558 (25 Mar 2021)
    Cleaning Settings

    • Restored support for local domains to the ‘Cookies To Keep’ whitelist (e.g. ‘localhost’, ‘desktop2’)
    • We have disabled the ‘Wipe Free Space’ feature while we investigate reports of erroneous data erasure
    Cleaning Automation

    • You can now choose to use standard cleaning rules or Custom Clean for scheduled cleans
    • Fixed a bug where unchecking Smart Cleaning did not uncheck its child options
    New Onboarding Flow

    • We've added a new quick start guide called Help Hub that is active during a trial for some users (currently EN only)

    • The new CCleaner onboarding experience fully supports NVDA screen reader and meets WCAG AA requirements
    • Tab navigation order through different sections of the app window is now more consistent
    • Improved Search Field labelling for NVDA
    • Fixed an issue where Disk Analyzer would hang at the end of analysis if NVDA was running
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