ATIV Book 9 2014 - NP930X5J / NP940X5J - mobo differences?

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Steerpike58, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Both are 15.6" laptops, the 940 is touchscreen while the 930 is non-touchscreen. 930 has 2nd SSD slot, 940 does not. I own both. No other observable difference other than dark blue case for 940, black case for 930.

    The 940 has recently 'bricked' - won't boot. As soon as I press the power button, blue light comes on; if I listen carefully I can hear a momentary 'whoosh' of the fans, and then 'nothing' - no 'Samsung' greeting on the screen, nothing. Blue light stays on. A second press of power button causes blue light to go out. About once every 1,000 tries, it WILL boot up, but it's getting less and less possible. Same failure with / without power. Remove SSD - still won't boot (no SSD should still show 'Samsung' greeting and allow BIOS to be displayed). Removed battery / run plugged in - no change.

    Anyway - I was wondering if anyone has tried running the 930 motherboard in the 940 laptop; or, tried placing the 940 touchscreen display on the 930 base. The 930 and 940 are SO similar, I'm thinking they should be interchangeable but - would love to know if anyone has tried it. I would expect the existence of the touchscreen to be a minor software difference that the 930 firmware ought to 'see'.
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    That sounds like a corrupted BIOS, buy a cheapo Skypro programmer, and search for a dump of your BIOS, and flash it, might bring it to life for 20$.

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