ati 6770m VS gt 650m...any idea?

Discussion in 'HP Pavilion Notebooks' started by enomeshakeit, Aug 15, 2012.

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    i own dv7t with 6770m which i purchased less than a year ago,
    and now my brother owns dv7t with gt650m

    and we didnt have enough time to benchmark the two yet but
    does anyone has any idea of how much better gt650m is over 6770m?

    accoroding to
    in some games the fps difference is up to 20 so im thinking
    quiet alot.

    to be honest 6770m feels little out dated already for games comming out now...

    but i dont play games that much anyway
    and for general websurfing and bagic task 6770m is more than good

    my brother is debating if he should return his dv7t and
    get a desktop...any thoughts on laptop vs desktop?

    my keyboard feels little bit loose now making squicky sounds
    is there any way to make laptop keyboard feel better? feel "new"

    sorry for asking too much
    but i just wanna talk about general stuff with fellow hp pavillion users
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    The 650m is like 50% faster.
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    The 650m is faster, but the 6770m is still a very capable card. With both cards you will want to not run with "ultra" settings as they don't perform nearly as well as desktop cards.

    For web surfing both are overkill. The built-in Intel 3000 or 4000 video is fine for that.

    Laptop vs. desktop for most people comes down to portability. If he needs to move it around, obviously go for the laptop.

    You are basically at the mercy of the manufacturer for the laptop keyboard as far as what the quality, fit, etc. You could always use an external keyboard where you have much more selection and variety.
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