ATI 4870 Crossfire not working?

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by Aedaric, Nov 24, 2010.

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    So I did some data logging with my system while I was playing DA:O and I came across something that I pretty much expected. Periodically my GPU Utilization goes from 99% down to ~50% on my #1 adapter and from 99% down to ~0% on my #0 adapter. That, is not normal by any means, HWiNFO32 also only shows my GPU fans running at 30% approximately 90% of the time, with the #0 (assumed primary video card) never reaching above 30%, and my secondary card (#1) will periodically hit 100% fan speed.

    Honestly, I'm lost, I just did another data collection with the game simply running with my character sitting next to a fire. That way I could have a sustained time frame to collect data where none of the variables would be changing, i.e. loading screens and combat. During this time period the game still had drops in FPS equating to approximately 50% of the normal max. The data I've collected is attached in an excel spreadsheet format, or at least a .CSV. In order to upload the spreadsheet I had to change the extension to .doc, so if you take a look you'll have to change it back to .CSV.


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