at least, the ATI 9550 in gateway 7422gx or nvidia

Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by pulpo, Feb 21, 2005.

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    I have the same great question, be or not to be; ATI (9550) or nVidia 4 440 go). Im gamer, and i play doom 3 in low settings with the ati radeaon IGP in sony vaio pcg-k25, and it sucks!! its impossible to play!

    im looking for laptop with ati 7000 and 128 mb in a laptop ATHLON 64 3400+ and only have found the MAYHEM G3 A35, i did not know the brand but looks good (neweeg store), BUT it does not burn DVD.

    So, gateway 7422gx ATI 9550 64 dedicated, dlDVD, 80GB, 1GB ram, 6 in 1 multireader or compaq r????us (dont remember now) nVidia 4 440 go 64 dedicated 100 gb HD, 5 in 1, 1 gb ram

    Tank you very much. Note this week the laptop gateway is 150 off!!

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