Asus Zenbook Infinity 15 inch planned for US????

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Zer0 C00l, Jun 29, 2013.

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    I currently have a fully upgraded ux32vd and love it but once I saw the Infinity I knew upgrading the m18x could wait. Haswell is about battery not performance anyways so all my money for upgrades will be going to the ultrabook this year. Being a fan of the ux32vd you can obviously see I don't mind if my ultrabook is a little bit heavier and a little bit thicker, that's really no big deal to me if I get better performance because of it.

    What I am really hoping for is a 15.6" version same 1440 rez, but make multi touch optional (thinner lighter and more energy efficient without the useless touch) and an air gapless bonded screen. 2x 2.5" 9.5mm hdd cages (to fit the new 3 platter 2.5" 1.5TB drives releasing q3 2013) and zero optical drive.2 m sata hookups( 2x 512GB SSD in Raid 0 since trim works through it now) and 2x Power over e sata ports (so small portable 2.5 inch drives won't need a seperate cable ) all SATA III 6 Gbps as haswell will have 6 sata iii lanes.

    Ditch usb 2.0 completely and use 6x usb 3.0. 2x thunderbolt 2.0 1x hdmi 2.0, ditch the rest of the video connectors and make them available with TB converters if you really need the large crappy outdated plugs. Magnetic power cable that detaches instead of bringing whole laptop with it if line is tripped over.1Gbit Intel network port and 5ghz 3x3:3 802.11ac as well as all the older versions of wifi ofc.SD + CF slots don't see people really using many other cards other than CF and SD so exclude the rest. Dual headphone outputs each with their own dedicated high quality amps and volume controls that supports 600 ohm headphones. 1x Mic input retaskable to 5.1 analog if need be using the headphone ports. Ditch analog 7.1 output takes too much room just use a single digital output port better quality that way as well anyways.

    2 ram slots that are upgradeable(not saying 4 cause rest of space is dedicated to an internal battery that is at least 80 WHr and 9 cell besides 2x8GB 16GB is more then enough ram for 99% of population) Use the higher wattage 28 watt ULV's of course with intel iris 5100 and optimus switching with either a gt 750m or a gtx 760m depending on the thermal limits. Can completely disable the discrete gpu and the iris hd 5100 should drive the panel smoothly for 2d desktop work no problem hopefully a solid 60hz/60 fps. So adding the GPU won't cause a hit in battery life other than taking up room more battery could be in, This way you can still play high end games at 1280x720 since it's exactly half horizontal and half vertical so it'll be 99% retained sharpness a gt 750 can even play most any game at an acceptable setting with that low amount of pixels to push.

    I just think this would be an ultrabook for the gods. Either Poseidon and Hermes better give me his. lol.
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