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ASUS web-site laptop info; bit of a WaMu...

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Blank Xavier, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Blank Xavier

    Blank Xavier Notebook Enthusiast

    Sep 28, 2008
    (WaMu being Washington Mutual, who recently imploded).

    So I'm interested enough in ASUS to want to check out their laptops. I know enough about what I want - Montevina, Penryn, decent NVIDIA or ATI adapter, fairly lightweight - to really narrow the choice down quite a bit.

    The ASUS web-site is organised by catagory - "Professional", "Multimedia", "Exterme Gaming"...

    Hmm. Useful, but only in the way a triple-A CDO tranch is useful; it lets you *think* you have something, when in fact you don't.

    The spec I want could exist in *any* of those catagories.

    So I slide into "Multimedia", just to see what's there.

    Each and every laptop is listed, one after the other, with a nice picture and a one sentence description, plus a link to "overview", "specification", "download".

    I count twenty-six laptops in total and the site is written so that I have to examine the specific of *EACH LAPTOP* to find the one I want.

    As I always do, I find it hard to comprehend that a serious company, with many, many millions of dollars in sales, has a web-site which is pure, unadulterated idiocy. I mean, dribbling, spittle-foaming-from-the-mouth, what's-this-thing-in-front-of-me-I've-never-seen-a-keyboard-before, gibbering *idiocy*.

    I find it hard to imagine a web-site failing so profoundly - let alone one belonging to - get this - *a major international company*.

    What goes on in these places when it comes to deciding who designs the web-site? do they only hire people who experienced a severe hypoxia episode and now spend most of their time staring into space? or do somehow all the secret LSD and crack users all congregate into the WWW division? I think I could see the ASUS web-site looking good, if I was on LSD and crack. Now it all makes sense!

    I wanted to email the site-master to explain the problem but - of course - there's no link to contact ASUS about the site.

    It's like a little black hole. The ASUS web-site has fallen inside it's own event horizon. Anything inside is lost forever. The ASUS web-developers are in there, spinning round and round, being sucked forever deeper and deeper into the black hole that is the ASUS web-site, totally high on LSD and crack, going "mannn! our web-site in INCREDIBLE! pass me some more crack, dude! ahhhhhh!"

    So I have a real simple point to make here to ASUS. You sort out your web-site so it doesn't waste my time, and then I'll see if you sell a product I want to buy. Until then, thanks for playing, but you lost.
  2. Msl747

    Msl747 Notebook Consultant

    Jun 25, 2007
  3. RdWing

    RdWing Notebook Consultant

    Jul 26, 2008
    What in carnation does this have to do with WaMu? Frankly I -like- Washington Mutual's website as it provides the info you need clearly and effectively.

    You have to remember that while ASUS is a large company; they do not perform sales directly to consumers in North America. All sales proceed through authorized resellers, which is why I -highly- recommend you take a gander at a resellers website. Those being, Newegg, and the additionally the stores Msl747 listed.
    Be careful who you knock...it would be a shame for you to pass over ASUS in general as there price to performance ratio is usually astoundingly good.
  4. David

    David NBR Random Reviewer NBR Reviewer

    Jul 3, 2007
    Although Asus's site is far from perfect, I don't think it's fair to judge them based on their website. Have you looked at Berkshire Hathaway's website (http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/)? It's plain, boring and looks like it's made by a 9th grader, despite the company's $200 billion value.
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